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Who is behind Battles and Beers: War Stories?

My name is Nick Laidlaw. I served 8 years as a Marine Rifleman and reached the rank of Sergeant (best job I ever had). My passion has always been the extremes of the human experience in warfare. To share the stories of the men, women, and civilians who have gone willingly or unwillingly into harms way.

I interview men from both sides of almost every major war since 1939. Nearly 200 total conversations with men from 20+ different armies, with hopefully thousands more to come.

Battles and Beers has turned into a social media platform that finds veterans from historical and current conflicts and shares their stories.

We value transparency, accuracy, history and the truth. ALL stories deserve to be told.

Cheers! And to my fellow Marines; Semper Fi.

Meet the team!

Nicholas is the lead admin in charge of all interviews, documentation and story telling for Battles and Beers. He the man you talk to!

Isabelle is the web designer, graphic designer and content creator for Battles and Beers. She is the one that makes sure things are running smoothly and aesthetically pleasing!