“That night after our huge gunfight in the daylight hours, we only had one thermal optic. We stayed in the same house and waited.

At one point, someone woke me up and said, “I think there’s an animal dying out there.” And Dakota says, “No, that’s a Russian.”

And out the window was a Russian soldier just lying in the road, screaming. He had to be one of the ones we got earlier. He was screaming the entire night until he bled out and died.

At some point in the night, some other Russian soldiers came and took his boots, took his gear and his rifle, but left his body there. He screamed the entire night. I’ll never forget sitting in the window in the dark. It was dead quiet, except for the occasional explosions from the artillery. But I could hear this dude screaming. Echoing in the dark for both sides to hear. I just sat there and listened to him.”

  • – Kevin. International Legion. Battle of Moschun. March, 2022.