“When the bomb went off I was in between all the KIA and after I got done doing some shit I don’t want to talk about, I looked around and seeing so many of my friends dead was so fucked. I had to choose between dragging one of my buddies who I knew was forsure dead, and one of the juniors who was pretty fucked up, but he was mumbling and just saying random stuff.

That was probably the hardest choice of my life and it only took a second make up. I had to act fast cause I was hit in the arm and I couldn’t move it anymore. They say there was no shots fired, but I clearly remember hearing the snaps coming by me and when we were dragging the kid I remember seeing the impacts on the sand. We got the kid out the fence and I didn’t know I was hit and some Marine came up to me and told me, ‘I got him, now you need to get to the CCP.’

I knew 9 out of 13 that died that day and the ones I think about the most is my friends and one of juniors who died. I can’t think which loss is worse because I miss my friends so much, but as a leader I felt like I had the responsibility of keeping my dudes safe and alive so I can’t decide which loss feels worse.”

⁃ US Marine. 2/1. Wounded at Abbey Gate. HKIA, Kabul Afg. August 26th, 2021.