“Today was crazy, we were in an accidental ambush. I won’t give away where but it’s busy right now. We were in a position in forest doing some advancement work for the infantryman, and one Ukrainian tank come down the road but doesn’t see me or out team.

We had some more men down the way on the right in more forest and they were able to neutralise and capture the crew, soon later the rest of the Ukrainians came through on foot.

The ambush turned into a fight and we used all the stuff we had with us, The machine guns, PKM the grenades and all our ammo. We had to send a men back to get more because we only packed small to do the reconnaissance work.

I’ve lost my hearing for a few days and we had no losses and no injured yet, but we have captured 16 soldiers and there many dead right now. These soldiers are different then the ones in Mariupol. They have less experience.

I don’t see many of their officers here.”

– Russian Soldier. June 24th, 2022.

Documented by Battles and Beers: War Stories