“A Russian POW gave my brother some interesting information. My brother and I were both in Ukraine functioning as medics and medical facilitators.

My brother was at a hospital and received a bunch of casualties. In the batch of wounded Ukrainians was a wounded Russian prisoner of war. Because he’s a human being and the rules of war said so, the Russian was patched up and received medical care.

Afterwards they interrogated him.

We had all thought that there was no way the Russian people and soldiers actually believed the propaganda their government told them. The Russian told us that he was in Ukraine to fight the Nazis. We couldn’t believe it.

My brother was shocked. They tried to tell the Russian that there were no Nazis here. This Russian was just so solid in his belief that there were Nazis just running around everywhere and that the government was under control of this secret group of Nazis.

Like every single Russian soldier believes fully that the country is just overrun by them. They truly believe they are on some righteous crusade to liberate their Ukrainian brethren from evil.

We just couldn’t believe that this guy was so far gone and so deep in the propaganda. And this was two months into the war.”

  • “Texas Corpsman” Western Volunteer. Russo-Ukrainian War. June 27th, 2022

Documented by Battles and Beers: War Stories