“We captured this Russian. He was a ‘Civilian’ who told us he is on vacation here; while carrying two military IDs. Both Russian and Ukrainian. Papers filled with numbers and coordinates.

Could tell the difference between different models of BMPs. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I can’t do that. Civilian my ass! He was roaming the town getting coordinates for Russian artillery. I tied him up.

Antsukhelidze was a Geoegian soldier who was captured by Russian invaders in 2008 invasion of Georgia. They told him to step on the Georgian flag, which he refused and was tortured and murdered. He never talked, never revealed any information.

To many Georgians his death hurts to this day. Especially to his comrades who gave me his name tag and asked me to put it in the pocket of the next Russian I kill.

Blood for blood. We haven’t forgotten the atrocities of 2008. We never will. That’s why so many Georgians are in Ukraine, fighting our common enemy.

Many Geoegians are simply out for blood. Everyone lost someone to the Russian aggression since 1990s.

That particular prisoner I took was an artillery spotter for the Russians in Severodonetsk. I usually don’t waste my time taking prisoners, but commander decided that he could be interrogated.

I always carry handcuffs and zipties on my just in case. They’ve been coming in handy these days, already two spotters we captured.
We send them to the rear for questioning.

I think this picture is significant for Georgia. Everyone should remember why we’re here. It will be very reassuring to Antsukhelidze’s family that we remember his sacrifice and we fight for him. He gave his all for us and we haven’t forgotten. He has been avenged and Russians will continue to pay in blood for the atrocities they’ve committed.

Georgia remembers.
I am but a tool with which Justice is served.”

– “Viking” Eastern Volunteer. Battle of Severodonetsk. June, 14th 2022.

This story was documented by Nicholas Laidlaw.

Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

Severodonetsk, From “Viking”

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