“We were ambushed by a BTR hidden in a street. It fired its gun and it tore my assistants leg off from above the knee. We fired back with a rocket and tried to get him (the wounded soldier) off from the street and into cover.

We carried him by his arms around the corner but could not retrieve his leg. The next hour we were trying to get him to safety. He became tired and closed his eyes and was unconscious. Our ambulance came and picked him up. It was an ambulance team made of western soldiers.

They got him into the ambulance and drove away with him. He is alive still and recovering. He has asked to rejoin us when he heals. I told him on the messenger that he was crazy and should retire but he said he will come back to find his leg. We joked about his leg and how it is still out fighting Russians all by itself. Soldier humor is what keeps soldiers sane.”

– Ukrainian Soldier. Battle of Lyman. 24 May, 2022

Documented by Battles and Beers