“I arrived in Mariupol on the 6th of April, We were here to assist a motor infantry unit to push harder as they were stale from the of fighting. All I immediately see is the dead meat (bodies). Its in the air, it seems because of the big amounts of corpses, then when you get try to get used to it you see more dead and dogs eating them.

This place is destroyed by the constant bombing. It’s so heavy I feel my bones rattle.

I have shot men (his enemies) in the first week of the fighting and almost got hit myself, a guy on the second day in my until got killed by a sniper and then another wounded. We tried to rush the position with an infantry team. The house was boobytrapped and two men got exploded by what I think was a homemade bomb stuck to a door.

I want to say the Ukrainians have made a good fighting army; better than we expected. Everyday the Azov and the Marine Ukrainians have picked the infantry off with snipers and lots of small arms fire. Whoever is left of the Azovs; I’m sorry to say will be mutilated by the chechens. They aren’t not in good spirits anymore.

We eventually left Mariupol with on 18th to go to the new offensive with one KIA and one wounded. I hope I can never return to that place not even in my mind.”

  • Russian Soldier. April 20th, 2022. Siege of Mariupol.

This story was documented by Battles and Beers.