“Best weapons we can carry are rockets to kill tanks. Whoever has the most training or is the best shot usually gets the rocket. If it’s RPG-7 or our new Panzerfaust 3. Or other types.

For our groups it’s preferred to be close to Russian tanks when you fire. You can aim better, and the attack is more devastating. If there are no soldiers (Russians) around the tank, it’s safer as well, even better is you can be below the gun in a ditch.

Town fighting is something I have difficulty with emotionally. It’s much easier for us to kill tanks, but damage to homes is not avoidable. We save lives by destroying homes it feels.

If I could say something: Friends, neighbors, soldiers, stay strong. We are better supplied than before, and stronger than before. We see you (civilians) helping the effort to win. I saw a parking lot turned into a military equipment factory creating camouflage nets, bandages, sandbags. The soldiers see your effort and are proud to fight for you!”

– Ukrainian Anti-Tank Soldier. Invasion of Ukraine. March 10th, 2022.

This story was documented by Nicholas Laidlaw.

Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.