“I can see the fighting from my window, (redacted) It is dark out and the noise is huge. Bullets are flying through the air like water from a hose.

A wounded soldier walked past our house holding his arm. He looked hurt badly and my father went to help him. The soldier yelled to my father to go away and get behind something.

We are not very close to the fighting but I can see shapes move because of the light made of the battle. In a way this is a beautiful vision to see from far away. The lights. But it is not beautiful to experience up close.

I see these lights hanging in the air must have parachutes attached to them. They hang still in the sky for a while and make the ground look white. Maybe I am unwell for thinking this is a pretty sight? It is daylight now and the smoke from the event has reached my house. I will call again later.”

– Ukrainian Civilian. Invasion of Ukraine. Morning of February 26th, 2022. Phone call transcribed by a relative.

This story was documented by Nicholas Laidlaw.

Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.