“Killing with grenades is not like the games or movies. There is not a large explosion of fire and they don’t blow walls down or explode cars. I had never seen a grenade until I was in battle. I had never thrown one either.

One was thrown into a building with enemy soldiers inside. After it exploded, I was surprised by how loud it was, but I also expected more. Does that make sense?

Inside, it wasn’t very smoke filled, and we could see the damage. All arms and legs of the soldiers were intact, but they had dozens of little cuts and their ears and eyes were bleeding. It was my first time seeing dead and wounded men.

I expected blown up bodies and huge flames. I read a book later that describes grenades well. ‘Big flash grenades’ as said by a British SAS man. I don’t remember his name. But when I read that, I remembered my grenade story, and wondering why the damage wasn’t worse. He explained it well.

Sarajevo was characterized by destroyed buildings and a feeling of unease. Shelling and killing all around. I will share more at a later date.”

⁃ Damjan Ilić, Army of Republika Srpska. Bosnian War, 1994

This story was documented by Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.