“If you’ve done the Mountain Warfare Training in Bridgeport California, you know it SUCKS. It’s 30 days of getting your peepee smashed by the mountain and sucking for air. We had some “Special Forces” from a certain Middle Eastern country training with us. They think they’re high speed, but basically they’re a bunch of rich boys playing soldier.

We were hiking up the mountain, hour 4 or 5 into a 10 hour hike. One of the foreign dudes asked if he could help carry one of our machine guns. We reluctantly gave up a 240 for the sake of international relations. He had the gun over his shoulders for probably ten minutes before you could visibly see him struggle to move up the trail. When we came to a bend in the mountain, on the left side of the trail was a straight up incline, and to the right was a drop off of about 50 feet. A straight cliff.

The sPeCiAl fOrCeS dude looked right at us, said, “No no. This is too heavy.” And no shit just tossed it off the side of the cliff.

We just stood there wide eyed with open mouths looking at him. “What? My country buy you another. No problem. No problem.” So a few minutes later me and a few other Marines were climbing down that straight cliff to go retrieve our machine gun that this idiot just tossed off the side of a cliff.

We were so pissed that in the middle of the night one of my guys peed a little bit in that guys Camelback hydration source.Don’t throw our guns. And you won’t drink our pee.

-Anonymous US Marine. 2017. Bridgeport MWTC

This story was documented by Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

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