“It’s hard to tell if this is actually going to happen and Russia will invade. For the past month and a half the political atmosphere between the West and the Russian government has only gone downhill without any real outcome or direction. It’s starting to look like it might happen. If the worst happens, it’s going to be a vary violent and brutal fight. The frontline units in Donbass and Luhansk will be hit hardest if we think logically about it.

I’m typing this from a trench myself and I don’t want it to happen. More war won’t solve anything and create more hatred. We had the same feeling in Syria and then eventually Turkey invaded.

And as I’m aware I do have Russian observers so I figure I should clarify my stance since its the norm. I don’t hate you or your family nor do I want to fight you. You have a family same as me and everyone else. I’m pretty sure if we were in a pub we would probably drink, politics aside. If we cross paths on the battlefield then we will do what we were tasked with doing; which for me is Defending Ukraine and for you Attacking Ukraine.”

– @cossackgundi , Ukrainian Trenches, 2021.

This story was documented by Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

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