“Dog handlers are special dudes. Not only do they have to worry about themselves on patrol, but their dogs as well. Marines love their dogs. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs. We were patrolling in Helmand Afghanistan, and on this patrol we had a dog and it’s handler with us.

Both of them had been on previous deployments and were pretty salty and knew what to expect. The handler and the dog both didn’t give a fu*k. Literally. Not. A. Single. Fu*k.

I watched, with my own two eyes, our entire squad take contact on a patrol…round snapping overhead. Clumps of dirt flying into the air. Everyone immediately dives for cover and starts trying to figure out where it’s coming from so they can return fire…but not this dog and its handler.

The handler took a knee, put a dip of grizzly wintergreen in his lip, stood up, raised both his arms above his head while rounds are COMING AT HIM and yelled to the Taliban, “Y’all fucking SUCK!”

It was the craziest shit I ever saw in my whole damn life. Even his dog didn’t give a shit.”

– Anonymous US Marine. 1st Marine Division. Helmand Afghanistan, 2010.

This story was documented by Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

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