“This is a story told by my Father’s best friend Syd about his time in Korea. He has since passed, and I know I am leaving out some details that only someone who served in combat can convey, but it speaks to the similarities of combat soldiers on either side…He was on a night patrol, and got separated from his platoon. As he was walking, he noticed a Korean soldier walking towards him from the opposite direction. With their rifles trained on each other, their eyes locked, and they proceeded to slowly walk in a large circle. He said it felt like an eternity.

Neither of them lowered their rifles….but neither of them wanted to die that day. He said it was like they spoke that agreement to each other through their eyes. They completed the circle, never saying a word, and both walked back in the direction they came from…alive to fight another day.”

– Sydney Reyes. Korean War, 1950. Story submitted by N. Perez. JR Perez

This story was documented by Nick Laidlaw. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

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