“My dad was a soldier in Vietnam. He told me a story once after a night of drinking on New Years that horrified me. He told me he was part of a group that used to go behind enemy lines, more on that later. Anyway, he said they has crossed a stream in the jungle and came across a child.

The point man, being aware that their mission was to stay silent and maintain secrecy, motioned for the child to come. The child ran down a path that wasn’t as profound as the main trial. They chased after the kid, and he said the kid just fell from view into the earth. The kid had fallen into a pungee pit and was screaming.

My dad said that because their cover was now blown because of the screaming, the group turned around and went back the other way. He said they wanted to put the kid out of his misery, but instead they left the kid where he was. To rot in the jungle or be eaten by animals because they didn’t have time.

My dad was a tough man, but after he told me that story he would bring it up every now and then. I could tell it really bothered him. I didn’t find out until later after he had passed and I inspected his medals and patches that he was probably a MACV-SOG operator or something like that.”

– Anonymous son of a Vietnam War veteran.

This story was documented by Nicolas Laidlaw. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.