“I don’t know why we are here. (Ukrainian border) We were moved here weeks ago and have just been sitting. The Ukrainian’s say we are going to war soon supposedly. I know several will read this. I don’t want to fight you. Several units here do want a fight, but most don’t.

Why should we fight and kill? What is the point? We shouldn’t not be fighting. The West fears us. I know this. But we are not conquerors anymore. Russian soldiers want peace, not war. NATO treats us like Soviets. We are Russians.

If this conflict happens, it was not our (the soldiers) choice for it to happen. Most of us here are good boys. We have families and would like to return home. God be with all of us.”

– Anonymous Russian Soldier. Russia/Ukrainian border. 2021.

*To the Russian*

“We do not seek conflict either. Many months now we have lived in trenches in (redacted). In the rain, snow, sunshine and dark. This is our home. My family has lived and bled in this ground since the mongols. If necessary, my blood will wet it also. We are ready for you. Are you ready?

You know I want to go home? I miss my home and my family. You stay over there. We stay over here. We do not want you here. Go home and maybe we can be friends someday. We should only fight in the Olympics.

As well. Thank you for the drone. Ha ha.”

– Anonymous Ukrainian Solider. Ukraine, 2021.

These stories were documented by Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.