“I remember getting up from the MRE box I was sitting on and looking where I was to relieve the platoon on the gate only meters away when I saw a portal of hell open.

All types of shit got thrown in the air. Hands, blood, smoke, strands of whatever the fu*k. I ran around this barrier that was in-between me and the blast. I ran up and saw Marines running out of the 6 foot opening in the chain link fence that we cut; bleeding, screaming, crying…fu*king hell.

I ran over to a Marine that fell down while getting out of the blast zone. I threw him up on my shoulders and as soon as I got him up we were taking contact 1 o clock from where I was. I sprinted and brought him to a safe spot behind cover and started treating him immediately. Chest seals, tourniquets, NPAs, Needle Ds, Ketamine…you name it. I did this 5-6 more times, making sure each of my patients got on the bed of the trucks and were driven off to Shock Trauma Platoon down the road.

After what felt like forever we finally weren’t taking contact and were able to retrograde back onto the tar mac and my boys were able to sleep. Me and a few of leadership were then sitting around an old armored school bus we called Thor watching Howitzers and 120s getting dropped on an ISIS convoy that was meant for us.”

– Anonymous Navy Corpsman. 2/1 Echo 1st Platoon. Kabul Airport, Afghanistan. 2021.

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This story was documented by Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.