“In 2014 I did some training with the Kuwaiti Army. About a dozen of their top generals and staff were there and I had to give them a class on the M110 SASS. These guys were boujee as hell. They set up this ridiculously huge tent in the desert with carpet and air conditioning. They had these leather chairs set up in a semi-circle that you’d see in one of those old-timey cigar bars for British gentry.

Anyway, I’m giving them this class on the weapon system, and I see all these generals are wearing red berets and are all dressed exactly the same and have mustaches. It was like a Saddam Hussein look alike contest. They each have this man servant dressed like Abu the monkey with the little hats and vests from Aladdin holding pitchers of ice water or bottles of whiskey.

One of the Generals gets out of his chair as I’m giving the class, takes the rifle from my hands and starts pointing it at the other generals and says, ‘Bang Bang Bang.’ I just stood there like…what the fuck…and he hands me the rifle back and says, ‘Thank you.’

I said, ‘Uh, yeah. Anyway. The max effective range on this is…’

Then another General gets up and grabs the rifle from me again and starts laughing and points the rifle back at the first general and says, ‘Bang bang bang!’ And starts waving the rifle around saying, ‘Bang bang bang! Over and over.

If I learned anything, it’s that those Oil Countries have a ton of money, and I was giving a class to a bunch of overpaid children pretending to be soldiers.”

– Sgt Nicholas Laidlaw. Charlie FAST, 2014. Kuwait.

This story was documented by Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.