“I served for a few years in a peace time military in the South Pacific, and did my basic in a frozen hellhole in the middle of winter.

Just like every basic, you had your popular recruits, physically able recruits, terrible recruits and those who didn’t make it through because of bullsh*t injuries.

Any which way , we were in a foxhole at our platoon position in the winter , snow all around. Recruit A and B were on Stag/Sentry at about 0300.

Recruit B decides she needs to go relieve herself , an emergency of the MRE related nature.

Recruit B disappears for about 25 minutes.

She comes back, and gets back in the foxhole.

Recruit A exclaims, “Can you smell that?”

Recruit B, who hadn’t taken notice of the smell, suddenly realizes the worst and takes off her helmet.

Turns out, she’d had a bit of a mishap, and completely missed the hole she’d dug.

Que the shit on the nightwatch cap, which was then hurrily discarded, and Recruit B had a cold head for the remainder of the FTX.”
– Anonymous Soldier. New Zealand Defense Force.
This story was documented by Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.