“My Foreign Legion observer and overwatch unit was mobilized to support GIGN operators hunt down Kanak militants on òveu island (New Caledonia) a French colony/ interest at the time. Island militants had entered local hotels or businesses with machetes and guns and done some serious damage to French civilians and islanders. Took a few hostages and retreated to a cave system inland on the island.

I was ordered to kit up, grab the long range rifle and spotter and tag along with these high speed GIGN guys. We took a helicopter close and went in on foot. We were told to watch the mouth of the cave and shoot anything that comes out. The GIGN guys were real pumped and a little trigger itchy.

Orders came over radio to capture if possible not kill the militants. I watched the team through my scope head into the mouth of the cave. I heard bangs and blasts and obvious gun fighting.

GIGN guys took pictures and info and bounced out in the chopper. My guys and I were tasked to clean up the cave and bodies. I walked in and saw a canoe in every militants head. (Gunshots to the head) They weren’t given a chance, the GIGN guys took out their anger and slayed them all. This was the first time I witnessed a war crime and immediately put in for honorable leave.”
– Anonymous Legionnaire. Special Reconnaissance Company. 2nd Parachute Regiment. French foreign legion. New Caledonia, 1988.
This story was documented by Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.