“I can still remember how hungry I was when I woke up to take my shift on post.

It was about midnight and this wonderful smell of BBQ came waffting in. I dressed and went to the CP to find the cooks and get something to eat.

I walk into the CP and I look around and there was no food, about that time a buddy of mine was walking past and I stopped him and asked where the BBQ was.He kind of laughed and said there is no BBQ.

I was still smelling this wonderful BBQ aroma while we were talking, I shot him a puzzled look.

He went on to explain that a few hours prior a family in the city had their house bombed by the Mujh because a family memeber of theirs hadn’t complied to their demands.

It wasn’t a repulsive instinct that came over me, in fact I felt nothing at all. I just chuckled and said “Well, now I am hungry for BBQ”.

People will say that buring bodies stink, which they might, but that day they didn’t and everytime I pass a steak house I remember that same hunger I had that night.”
– Anonymous US Marine. 2/6 Marines. Fallujah, Iraq. 2007
This interview was conducted by Battles and Beers. The Marine who submitted this story requested to remain anonymous. We will respect his wishes. As we always say here at B&B: Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.