“On July 4 2009 during operation Khanjari, which was the largest helo born assault since Vietnam, my squad and myself had finally gotten a short respite after being in almost constant contact with the enemy since the insert 48 hours before.

No sooner than we could drop our gear and take our boots of in a little grain shed I heard our squad leader get summoned. We had been given an op to secure a cross road and push back the taliban that were firing at the company from across a large field beside the village bazaar.

In almost in instant we were in ranger file running to a canal that borders the field. As we were running I took a nasty fall due to me tripping and it caused the barrel of my SAW to go flying off. I get up and keep running trying to stay caught up with my squad. We get to the canal and part of the squad is slinging rounds at the talibs across a 100 yard field.

My squad leader directs me and another Marine to set up my saw in a poppy stack further advanced toward the taliban position while the squad lays down covering fire. We finally get into position and I lined up my sights to squeeze of my first burst and realize that something is wrong. Right about that time the taliban notice our position and start ripping off their own burst.

I start remedial action and it’s not working. Still under direct accurate fire I start disassembling and then reassembling the saw in hopes that will fix the issue. Finally my guns is up. We lay down some rounds, break contact and fall back to the canal and watch Marine air deliver hell fire missiles and a 500 pound JDAM (bomb).
What a way to celebrate America’s birthday.”
– Anonymous US Marine. 2/8 Echo Co. Afghanistan 2009
This interview was conducted by Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.