“We had an enemy sniper who couldn’t hit anything. It was quite annoying so we dubbed him ‘Blind Boy Terry’. He would take shots at us from seemingly nowhere, and he was always concealed well. His aim was just very poor.

One day we decided to have a good fun game with him. We outfitted a scarecrow with our gear and held the scarecrow just above a wall one day when Blind Boy Terry was active.

Every time he would take a shot at the scarecrow we would pretend like he hit him. We’d let go of the poll and our stuffed friend would fall to the ground. A few minutes later we’d pick him back up and have him bobbing from left to right across the wall.

It was good fun. Blind Boy Terry must have wasted 30 rounds on that scarecrow. Probably very pissed. I could only imagine his frustration before one of our own snipers got him for exposing himself for so long.”
– Anonymous Soldier. British Army. Afghanistan.
This interview was conducted by Battles and Beers (TM) and the soldier wished to remain anonymous. We will respect his wishes.

As we always say here at Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.