“Everyone knows machine gunners are meat heads. We make fun of them for being dumb but we love them. I remember in Iraq I was manning a VCP with my buddy (redacted).

A vehicle approached from the south of our blockade and didn’t stop. It ignored our warning sings, pen flares and my hand signals. The Squad Leader came over comms and told us to open up on the car.

My buddy, being an 0331 machine gunner, had waited for this moment his entire enlistment. He fired his 240 at the vehicle and damn near turned it into swiss cheese. The other guys at the VCP went to check the car once it had stopped and when they came back they said the driver looked like hamburger meat.

One of them said, ‘Damn, (redacted), did you really have to shoot that many rounds?’

My buddy just smiled, spit out a mouth full of dip and said in a deep devil like voice, ‘I need kill. Need kill for machine gun god.’ And then lifted the gun onto his shoulder and kissed the buttstock with the worlds biggest grin.

Some guys are just made to kill, I guess.”
– Anonymous US Marine, 1st Marine Division. 2005, Iraq War
This interview was conducted by Battles and Beers and the Marine requested to stay anonymous.

As we always say here at Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.