“I’ve been seeing lots of rocket stories on here so I’ll share mine.

During the battle of Fallujah we got to fire a lot of rockets, at everything, all the time. On one such occasion, I literally blew a man into such tiny pieces that the only thing left of him could fit in my pocket.

Being the boot in the squad, I got the honor of carrying the rocket for my squad. On one particularly difficult street, there was a low wall sitting in front of a two-story villa type of building. We were taking pretty effective machine gun fire from the second floor of that building.

My squad leader told me to ‘vaporize that fu*k’, so I prepped my launcher, made sure my back-blast was clear, and fired the rocket. Just as I fired it, I flinched, (This was my first time firing one in combat) and I aimed just a bit low.

Lucky for me, just as I fired the rocket, I saw this rifle pop over that low wall I mentioned earlier, followed by a head and torso. It was a Jihadist popping over the wall to shoot at us. Just as he popped halfway over the wall, the rocket went straight through his chest cavity, and exploded on the wall about 4 feet behind him.

The blast must have set off an ammo dump in the room behind the wall, and it literally blew him into tiny pieces that flew all the way down the road toward us. Little flecks of blood, clothing, and flesh rained down on us and I got a bit of him in my mouth. It was disgusting.

I started dipping chewing tobacco after that. Grizzly wintergreen.”
– Anonymous US Marine. 3/5, Second Battle of Fallujah. 2004

As we always say here at Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.