“When Soldier of Fortune Magazine came on the scene, vets like me knew we had a friend. Communism, which we fought in Vietnam at a great cost, was eating Africa alive.

I had to go.

I sorted out my affairs, sold my car, and bought my ticket to Rhodesia in ’79.

I took my AR15 w/Leatherwood Scope/MT, a case of .223, my Browning Hi Power, more ammo, and my old web gear from Vietnam into a duffle bag I had a parachute rigger modify to my specs. I carried my guitar.

When I arrived in Johannesburg, two customs guys carried my gear and took me to the Air Rhodesia area. With a thick English accent, one of the guys noted that my suitcase was heavy.

“Tools” I said.

“I understand”, he smiled, shook my hand and wished me good luck.”
– Buddy Lilley, US Marine Veteran. Gun for hire.
As we always say here at Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.