“We had done the drug raid, the Aussies actually did a pretty impressive job, wrangling all the prisoners up. We just watched them tackle and hogtie these guys and we knew their hands were tied behind their backs.”

(The commandos then called up the US aircraft to pick them and about seven prisoners up.
He says the Americans only had room on the aircraft for six.)

“And the pilot said, ‘That’s seven prisoners. That’s too many people, we can only carry six prisoners.’

And you just heard this silence and then we heard a pop. And then they said, ‘OK, we have six prisoners’.

Lots of fire and bodies were often left in the Australians wake. A lot of us wanted to work with the Australians because we were all like — I don’t know if bloodthirsty is the right term — but we wanted action. They wanted to shoot. And when you worked with the Aussies you get involved pretty often.

This was the first time we saw something we couldn’t morally justify, because we knew somebody was already cuffed up, ready to go, taken prisoner and we just witnessed them kill a prisoner”
– Josh (Redacted) Former US Marine helicopter crew chief. Afghanistan.
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