“In Fallujah I cut a man in half with my 240. We were holding a street on the edge of the battle area. Like the literal edge. Everything behind us had been cleared and everything in front of us was occupied by jihadists.

I was laying on a rooftop overlooking a street with my 240. Things were relatively quiet at that moment. Quiet in the terms of gunfire not in our immediate vicinity. At all times of the day in Fallujah you could hear the sounds of battle.

Anyway, so I’m laying on this rooftop and I see a guy come out of the front door of this building with an AK in his hands. Immediately my first instinct is to pull the trigger and let him eat half a belt, but for some reason I hesitated.

He didn’t seem to know we were there. He walked out the front door as casually as a suburban dad checking his mail box. He slung his rifle and pulled out his d**k and started to piss on the door step. I have no idea why he decided to do this, but he seemed completely unaware we were there.

I don’t know how he was alerted to our presence on the rooftop, but he suddenly seemed to be aware of us, and without pulling his pants up, he swung the AK off his shoulder and started to raise it to the top of our roof.

I just let him have it. In the Marines you’re basically brainwashed to do short controlled bursts but for some reason I just held the trigger. I literally cut him in half at the belly button and his top half sort of folded over his legs onto the doorstep.

I guess we really caught him with his pants down and he folded under the pressure. Machine guns are fun.”
– Anonymous US Marine. 3rd Battalion 1st Marines. November 9th 2004. Second Battle of Fallujah
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