“There was a lull in the shooting and most of the squad was taking a breather as the grenadier kept watch. As he was scanning the field, he swore he saw a bush move and he told the other guys about it but they did not pay any attention to him.

It wasn’t long before he told them that he saw another bush move. This time one of the guys told him that he had been in the sun too long and it must have fried his brain! Needless-to-say, a short time later the grenadier shouted, “The fucking bush is moving!”

This time he got the other guys attention and one of them told him, “If the Goddamn thing is moving… shoot it!” With that, the grenadier fired his M 79 and hit the bush square in the middle, which happened to conceal a VC that was trying to sneak up on them!

Seeing that, the rest of the squad opened up, shooting every bush in sight! After things quieted down the squad went out and checked the bush that the M 79 gunner had shot initially.

There lay a dead VC who had suffered a massive chest and abdomen wound. The force of the round had completely emptied his innards out, there was absolutely nothing left in the body cavity!”
– Peter Griffin, Alpha Co., 2/502, Vietnam, 1965
As we always say here at Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.